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Hollister, California

Hollister is the county seat of San Benito County, California. The population was 34,928 people at the 2010 census. Hollister is primarily an agriculture town. The Mutsun Ohlone Indians were the first known inhabitants of the Hollister region.

The town was founded Nov. 19, 1868 originally as the San Justo Homestead Association, established by William Welles Hollister, a group that originally intended to name it San Justo. An association member, Napa vintner Henry Hagen objected. Hagen argued that saints monopolized the names of nearly every place in California, and suggested that the state should have a town named after someone slightly less holy. The City was incorporated on August 29, 1872.

The city has been the site of annual motorcycle rallies around July Fourth for many years. The riot at the 1947 event was the basis for the 1954 film The Wild One. The rally took its present incarnation in 1997, and is known as the Hollister Independence Rally. The event was canceled in 2006 due to lack of funding for security, but returned in 2007. The format of the rally in 2007 differed markedly from previous rallies, with vendors on San Benito Street instead of motorcycles. The bikes were pushed to side streets.

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  • Villa Hermosa, (guest) wrote 6 years ago:
    this comment is accurate because the person who wrote it was talking about the neighborhood not the whole town, and the main gang in Villa Hermosa is WSL. He never said the neighborhood was taken over by gangsters either
  • Villa Hermosa, Leonard (guest) wrote 7 years ago:
    This comment is not accurate there is gang activity all over town. The neighborhood is not tooken over by gangsters. The people and the youth their are full of potential.
  • Safeway, BayAreaBiker2001 (guest) wrote 13 years ago:
    I rode my bike here 7/2/2008.
  • John Z. Hernandez Memorial Park, 7777x wrote 13 years ago:
    They should've chosen the park near Tortilla Flats as the JZH Memorial Park given his history with that area.
  • Nob Hill Foods, Hollis (guest) wrote 13 years ago:
    This is actually Nob Hill store. K-Mart is to the left.
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